Friday, March 11, 2011

Madison turns 15!

This week has been all about my sister turning 15! The excitement in her eyes when she got her permit is sure special! She is feeling one step closer to being independent! I remember being that age and thinking I could rule this world! Little did I know, there is a lot that goes into being Miss Independent! I believe your whole life is made up of lessons that make you who you are! When Maddi was little, I would always think when she is 15, i'll be 27! Holy cow! It's here! Where does the time go? Moments like this make me realize that life goes by way too fast! I am proud of who Madison has become! She is strong willed, loving and smart! She knows to not get mixed up in all the drama of high school and she knows to just have fun! I am blessed to have the relationship that I have with her!
Dusty and I also have a full house this week and the coming weeks! My parents, Maddi, Grandma and Miss Lola have settled into our house! My parents bought the dream house that they have had their eye on for awhile! It's at the Lake of the Ozarks with a killer view! Congrats to them! I guess this is my selfish way of getting to spend quality time with them before they move 2 1/2 hours away! You think it would be an adjustment to have your family move in with you, but I am loving every minute of it! Yes, there are those days when I get to take a cold shower or get woke up from the exhaust fan in the hall bath but it's worth it to see my family everyday! We are getting ready to leave for Florida with the Wisdom family! I am ready for some rest and relaxation and especially some good belly laughs! Can't wait to put my feet in the sand! Well gotta get the house cleaned and bags packed! See ya soon!